Gain a Noble Touch in the Gravensteen Castle

This page was designed specifically in order to continue the stride of historical elements which can be visited during tourists’ stay in Belgium. Be it passionate historians or just regular tourists, the Gravensteen castle will surely make an impression on them, which might make them return as soon as possible.

Being located in the middle of the brussels-touristOld Town in Ghent, this amazing fort is said to have been the personal home of the Count of Flanders and, more importantly, its design was inspired by the massive castles which the Crusaders built when back in Syria. To this day, this impressive castle is the standing proof of moated fortresses, one of a kind in Europe, which would surely make it a place to visit when in Belgium.

Being very well preserved, thanks to the efforts of the local archaeological community as well as other institutions, the castle is quite strong and it has some of the thickest castle walls ever seen, which are also very high, rising above the ground on a steep incline. Being located in the middle of the Old Town, the castle rises quite high above the rooftops of the buildings and the streets, becoming visible from any direction.

If tourists choose to enter the castle, they will be able to see impressive chambers which feature arched ceilings, vast halls and passages, all filled with exhibits of the medieval life from numerous periods. Nevertheless, although it contains so many artifacts and elements that attest to both its origins and the lifestyle of those who inhabited it, the castle is most revered by historians and passionate tourists precisely for its impressive architecture.

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