All prospecting tourists who come from Kazakhstan and wish to find out more about Belgium and what this wonderful country has to offer from a touristic perspective, have come to the right place. This website will offer them a run through of some of the most important aspects to consider when visiting Belgium, as well as present a few of the numerous attractions that might appeal to them.

General aspects that matters when traveling to Belgium will be provided, as well as the country itself, in order to allow Kazakh people to better understand the essentials of tourism in Belgium. Furthermore, a list of the main tourist attractions in Belgium will be presented, which is aimed at enabling people to make up their mind much easier when it comes to choosing what to visit.

Of course, the famous Belgian beer will not be neglected and also the numerous possibilities of gambling in Belgium’s casinos, both on location as well as online. This might be especially useful to all Kazakhs arriving and also all Asians, as they are well known for affinity to gamble in casinos.

Additionally, the cultural heritage of Belgium, which may be of interest to tourists will be provided, and also the possibilities to visit Flanders and view a part of history through the remains of the war front that reside there.

Everyone is invited to browse the following pages and have a look at what possibilities Kazakhs have when visiting Belgium, and even learn what to do in case of emergencies when in Belgium.