In Case of Emergencies – Kazakh Embassy in Belgium

This page addresses the security and safety aspects that can be of a real concern for Kazakh tourists who choose to visit Belgium as part of their vacation or travel. Since people’s safety is of utmost importance, all tourists who venture out into new countries are always advised to be well informed and acquainted with all the legislative and administrative aspects that characterize that specific country.107276

In case of emergencies, all tourists are advised to have their personal identification means close at hand, and to always be properly informed about the different laws which are in operation in Belgium at the time of visit, as these might vary considerably from the ones used in Kazakhstan.

One of the first steps which must be taken in case of emergencies is to either contact or reach the Kazakhstan Embassy in Belgium. Being located in Brussels, the embassy will enable Kazakh tourists who are in need of help or assistance and find themselves into emergency situations to obtain shelter on its grounds. By using the provided telephone numbers, as well as the email addresses, tourists can contact the embassy on any issues and they shall receive guidance and assistance specific to their requirements.

Once Kazakh tourists have ensured that they have all the necessary details concerning the local authorities from the cities which are about to be visited in Belgium, as well as detailed information about the embassy, they are ready to visit all the attractions that might be of particular interest for them when they find themselves in Belgium.

The administrators of Visiting Belgium – A Guide for Kazakh Tourists website hope that everyone will be able to find the necessary information and invite all tourists to browse the different pages in order to gain knowledge about Belgium, from a tourist point of view.