Main Attractions in Belgium

By far, one of the most important questions that Kazakh tourists arriving in Belgium could ask themselves is: “What is there to see? What are some of the noteworthy attractions?” The answer to that could be provided by having a glance at a touristic map and this page will try to offer assistance to that process.6420656823_a39001efd7_b

Supposedly arrived on the Brussels airport, Kazakh tourist can then take one of the fast trains and pick a peripheral city, such Antwerp or Bruges and be there in just 2 to 3 hours, depending on the selected train. Regardless of their chosen destination, they must be aware that when approaching the coast, the weather will be increasingly unstable and rainy, whereas if they select a destination that might be more inland, the weather will be a bit more stable.

Some of the most common and visited cities and their corresponding attractions include:

  • Bruges, with its Belfry and Hale architectural complex, which is located exactly in the main square of the city. Going back as far as the medieval era, this place holds numerous architectural elements that are unique and carry an impressive historical background. Clearly, a destination for the architecture and history enthusiasts;
  • Ghent and the cathedral of Saint Bravo, where one can find impressive Gothic and Romanesque architecture which clearly emphasizes some of the most noteworthy religious building trends in the whole of Belgium;
  • Antwerp and its Grand Place, which is also known as the “Grote Market” is a fine example of what guild house architecture entails in Belgium and one will be able to see that through the steeple-roofed shapes present on all of the buildings.

These are just some of the potential tourist destinations that Kazakhs can try; all those who are interested are invited to have a glance on the following pages, where more details will be offered by other impressive tourist attractions.

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